Work-Diet-Relationship What you put in is what you get out Poor nutrition doesn’t just impact our health, it can affect our performance at work by negatively impacting concentration and energy levels, and cause irritability, frustration and impatience. Learning Blocks of Nutrition The first and most crucial step is to educate yourself on the nutritional worthContinue reading Work-Diet-Relationship

What is lead generation like in South Africa?

It’s no secret that generating leads is critical to a company’s success. But what if you’re following all the rules but still aren’t receiving the outcomes you want? According to a recent study, lead generation is the most difficult for 86 percent of firms. So, what’s the answer? Because lead generation in South Africa isContinue reading “What is lead generation like in South Africa?”

7 Essential Skills every call centre agent needs.

Have you ever pondered how organizations manage to retain long-term client relationships? Of course, there are many elements at play, but the quality of customer service and the sorts of products and services offered are two critical parts of client retention. According to the 2018 Retail CX Trends Report, 77 percent of consumers throughout theContinue reading “7 Essential Skills every call centre agent needs.”

2022 Trends that may alter the call centre industry

A mix of new pandemic-driven modes of working, the expanding trend of digitalization, and the always rising expectation for good customer service experiences have upended the call centre sector in recent years. Many economic, technological, social, and global working trends will continue to have an impact on the call centre sector in the future. WhatContinue reading “2022 Trends that may alter the call centre industry”

Where are call centres heading in 2022?

Where are call centres heading in 2022? What’s the first thing you’d glance at in a crystal ball if a fortune teller handed it to you? What are the winning lottery numbers, the next President of South Africa, and your future spouse’s identity? Boooooring. True visionaries would utilize it to address the most crucial issueContinue reading “Where are call centres heading in 2022?”

Outsourced telemarketing has five major advantages.

Telemarketing is a powerful method for generating leads. While it may not be appropriate for all businesses, it is a tried and true method, with the human conversation serving as a powerful driving force behind a successful sales process. Many companies consider outsourcing their telemarketing to a professional firm; this can be a wise decisionContinue reading “Outsourced telemarketing has five major advantages.”