POPIA Q&A: What You can do before POPIA Becomes Enforceable

Since we have until July 2021 to comply, could one use a message via email or SMS to ask contacts for their consent or to opt in for future marketing?

Yes, you can. But you’ll need to ensure that the request follows all the POPIA guidelines of being voluntary, specific, and transparent about content and channels.

When building a client database, do we have to comply with POPIA requirements now, or will these clients be considered opted in by default when the Act becomes effective in 2021?

If you’ve followed all the POPIA requirements, you will not need to get additional consent when POPIA is enforceable in 2021.

Can I contact my previous employer’s clients until POPIA is in effect?

Preferably not as contacting clients from a previous employer is unethical. And in any case, the people on the list will need to opt in by the time POPIA is in effect anyway. It’s recommended that you start following POPIA practices now to ensure you’re compliant by the time the legislation is enforceable.

To find out more about the Popi act: Click here.

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