The Art of Digital Innovation

Who is IconAF

We are the next generation of the advertising world. 


We aren’t afraid to be different.


With over 15 years’ experience in the marketing industry, we strive to deliver effective communication between our clients and their customers. We are passionate, authentic and results driven but DO NOT compromise on our ethics and values.


Connecting audiences with Passion, Dedication and a lot of coffee.

Find your Brand's Voice

Lead Generation

Without qualified leads, you’re wasting valuable resources trying to sell in the dark.

Lead Nurturing

We ensure the process of sending personalized and relevant content to prospects and customers at every stage of their buying journeys.


Our solutions and products enable our customers to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of running a converged voice and data communication infrastructure.

Web Developement &

We provide implementation, optimisation and maintenance of all web platforms and communications channels.

Data Analysis

We focus on gathering and analysing all our data and experience in our field to maximise the understanding of audiences and pipeline channels.

SMS Marketing

Whether you need to communicate with a mobile sales team, send thousands of SMS messages simultaneously to a marketing database, or simply send a quick text to a colleague or customer.

How We Do It

Commitment to Quality

We pride ourselves on providing results that exceeds all client expectations. We do this by allocating the best suited people to each campaign and incorporating great strategy together with technology. We are trusted for the delivery of quality sales which undergoes the strictest compliance measures before it reaches the client.

Telemarketing & SMS campaigns

With a team of more than 350 employees offering Lead Generation, Conversion, Voice Services, CRM consulting, Quality Assurance and more in record time.

Data Acquisition and Verification

We promise quality data and ways to turn data into leads and sales. 1000 qualified leads are much more valuable than 10 000 random ones and by choosing IconAF as your preferred lead partner, you are guaranteed ROI without compromising on quality and integrity.

Our project management team will help you develop custom campaigns for lead generation.

We take a Multi-Channel approach to Digital Marketing solutions and offer you:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media
  • Paid Search
  • PR & Brand Awareness
  • Content Distribution
  • Web Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Lead Follow-up

Communication at its best!

  • Dedicated Teams
  • Real Time Leads
  • Multi-Channel Approach
  • Custom Integrations and much more

Our Valued Clients

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