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A range of services to help take your business to the next stage. Business Support solutions offers a direct route to the adice, information and resource you need to help your business improve and grow.

To help you make informed decision based on the most up to date information available, our team:
Carry out tailored market competitor product reasearch | Sport opportunities | Track and analyze the latest developments in your sector | Research and develop new markets for your products | Profile your consumers | Keep ahead of your competitors
We provide our client with the best leads possible as we have a double opt in before sending through to the respective parties so when the lead reaches our clients it is ready to be converted to sales. Through our customized data and campaign management solution, we have taken the basics of direct marketing and developed specialized communication, acquisition and retention processes across a range of industries and product types.

Through many successful campaigns, SMS marketing has proven to be the most effective method of connection with a special target market. Our SMS platform gives clients the freedom to run their own customized campaigns, and connect with their consumers through targeted SMS marketing techniques. For clients with an existing system in place, we offer Comprehensive API integration to further simplify campaign management. Alternatively, we provide clients with full SMS campaign management whereby our dedicated team expert manager and regulates all campaigns on behalf of the client.

Our database consists of approximately 52 million unique records with a vast array of historical information attached to each instance. This information is exclusive to ICONAF and gives our data the depth and intelligence that is crucial to successful campaign modeling and analytics. The data generated from each and every campaign iteration is managed by our proprietary data management software, which allows our clients to enhance their existing databases with data variables they could not otherwise access. ICONAF facilitates a broad spectrum of characterizing and profile capabilities on consumer and (B2B) data.

As with all our other services, ICONAF abides by all CPA legislation's and processes all opt out requests internally, operation in full operating in full compliance with the digital marketing sector.

Client a range of result-driven services which include: